How To Make Stickers On Redbubble

How To Make Stickers On Redbubble

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If you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or artist, then Redbubble is the perfect platform for turning your artwork into stickers. It’s easy to create and sell your designs on the site, and you can select from thousands of different materials to choose from. You can also upload multiple versions of your design so that people can select which one they’d like to order!

Creating and designing artwork on Redbubble is simple.

Redbubble is a great place to sell your artwork. The company allows you to upload your own designs and create stickers from them, or you can also buy pre-made stickers from their store. Creating art for Redbubble is easy and fun!

You can select a variety of sticker sizes, shapes, and materials that best suit your needs and artistic vision.

Stickers come in all shapes and the biggest sticker sizes will be 14 inches (35cm). They may be printed on paper or plastic as well as more unusual surfaces like wood, metal, or glass. Stickers are made from many different materials including vinyls, and papers.

You can also make transparent stickers if you want to add an image behind the design without adding any color to it yourself!

Redbubble has lots of options for sticking your artwork to almost any surface. Redbubble use kiss-cut to cut edges and shapes of your stickers, which are small stickers that you attach to the back of an object and then peel off later. You can also choose from a wide range of other sticker formats:

Window clings come in two styles: one style is flat like paper but has adhesive on one side only; this allows you to stick it onto windows without damaging them too much if you don’t have enough space between them for another piece of material such as cardboard or even plastic wrap! The other style offers three different textures so that no matter what kind of surface it’s attached too (example being wood), there won’t be any glues left behind afterwards either way.”

What are Stickers?

Stickers are a fun and easy way to get your art out into the world. They’re great for expressing yourself, whether you want to say something funny or just show off some cool art. You can also use stickers as a way of showing support for a cause or person—for example, if you care about animals or protecting the environment then maybe try making some stickers that have animal themes on them!

Why should you make stickers on Redbubble?

If you’re an artist and want to make money from your art, Redbubble is the place for you.

As a Redbubble user, you can sell stickers for your own use or for others. You can also use the platform to promote your artwork and earn additional income from sales of those stickers at shows and fairs.

If you have friends who love art as much as you do, they may appreciate getting a custom sticker made just for them! If so, make sure that their name is on there too—that way everyone knows whose work it came from (and what kind!).

If someone special in your life has been sick lately or experiencing some other type of hardship (even if he/she doesn’t know it yet), sending him/her one of these awesomely personalized pieces will show them how much thought went into making it happen: “You’re my favorite person ever!”

How do I create stickers from my artwork?

You can create stickers from your artwork on Redbubble. To make a sticker, you’ll need to upload an image file and make sure it has a transparent background. The Images file must not be larger than above 300Mb, or 13500×13500 pixels in size when uploaded and should be vital to upload high-resolution photo pixels in size (for example: if you have an image of a person wearing glasses, then it should not be less than (9075 x 6201 pixels).

Once you have created your artwork, head over to Redbubble [Add new work Submission Page] where we will review your submission for approval before publishing it on Redbubble website. * Create waterproof redbubble.

Designing for Sticker packs
Here’s a handy guide for creating a Sticker pack. See, it’s easy! Composition is important to create a well-designed Sticker pack.
Make sure to design your illustration with a transparent background and to separate each sticker very well from the others.
Please make sure that you are not creating a large canvas, that is an area too big for the laser to cut. Also, we recommend you don’t make your design too detailed so it can be more easily separated.
PNG format files with a transparent background and all pieces separated by a large space. The machine won’t be able to cut the items without a transparent background.
The key is to create items of different sizes and styles. You may also choose to add a logo or text in a specific color. The important thing is to keep the design organized so that slicing goes smoothly.


We think that the best part of making stickers is being able to share your art with the world. Not only does it allow you to make a tangible product, but also gives you a platform where people can see it and interact with it in a variety of ways. Redbubble allows people around the world to enjoy some of their own creations on other people’s walls using their own photos or images as inspiration!

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