Is Redbubble Worth It?

Is Redbubble Worth It?

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I am sharing my personal experience on the Redbubble platform since 2021 almost 2 starting I was not that much active when I create an account on Redbubble and upload some designs but not having faith or trust for getting any sale, until I made my first sale,

My point of view that how I found Redbubble, it’s my honest view about everything and I hope it will help you to decide, Is Redbubble worth it? A lot of Pros and cons with true conclusion.

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Redbubble provide ways to a new artist to reach niches audiences globally, with help of good and related tags. Redbubble provide variety of products for artists to sell your art on it without investing a single penny form your end.

Redbubble will free artist from all trouble related to production and shipping issue so artist can put his energy and focus on promote design on different social media platforms.

Redbubble never owns your art or designs; but only sells them and gives you the profits or commission. Redbubble gives you freedom to choose artist profit margin, Redbubble has some basic fee like marketplace hosting service fee, Third-Party manufacturing fee, Shipping and delivery Fee depends on your location, and finally artist margin 

Redbubble didn’t charge any monthly or starting fee you just need to join Redbubble with your email id, your shop name and for get full access of Redbubble platform feature like Dashboard, you need to upload profile logo “Avatar” Cover Image “Banner” and link at least one social media Account so you can check Earnings Summary, Audience Traffic, List of Sold Products, Sales History etc.

Redbubble gradually adding more products and recently add pet’s products like pet bandana, Pet Blanket, dog mat, cat mat and exceed more than 100 numbers of products which you can access by adding your design at once.

Redbubble has Tons of products in different categories like kids, men and women clothing, phone case, stickers, Wall Art, pet products, home & living, stationary & office and Accessories.

Redbubble has got success for creating a trust among potential buyers, new and return buyers with Redbubble refund and return policy in case buyers is not satisfied and having issues with size, color, and style so buyer can request Redbubble within 90 days from delivery date, now it will help to increase buyer confidence and bring more buyers to Redbubble platform. Are Redbubble Stickers Waterproof?

Redbubble helps new artists with current treads topics, tags, or keywords without any paid tool, just search keyword and Redbubble will show you relevant trending search on Redbubble, which helps newcomers to get sales on Redbubble.

Redbubble has his own search algorithm which work with title, tags, and products description so it doesn’t matter either you are new or old artist on Redbubble, you just need to use good and relevant keywords which goes with your design so definitely you will be getting sales. 


Redbubble has a follower option like you follow any artist because you like his artwork but there is no use or advantage because if artist upload any new art or design you will not notify or get any notification,

Bubble Mail is to received massages but in private so if someone appreciate you or like your artwork that all will be in private no one will be able to see that comments which means It will not help you to increase sales and no one will get any idea either you are legitimate designer.

People are buying from Redbubble not from you They are customers of Redbubble Products having your design on it.

In any business repeat customer is your trade, but Redbubble didn’t share any information of buyers so what you expect customer will return and find your store even Redbubble didn’t have any mechanism which notify your customer about your new upload artwork.

Redbubble should promote you and build such platform or community where buyers will come and see new artists and give them feedback on their artwork, but Redbubble suggest you to promote your artwork on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat and Pinterest accounts which will bring your followers to Redbubble site ultimately they will get traffic through you but no one will buy it from you because there was no intent of buying anything, just to check your link.

And second scenario you send your customer to Redbubble and there are most chances that your customer will be get distracted by your competition art, and low prices. So, you will not get anything even you brought customer to Redbubble platform, as compared to amazon they provide you commission if some uses or come through your affiliate link.

On other social sites Some Redbubble Customers highlighted their personal experience with Redbubble regarding Issues with quality Management, like Receiving Misprinted and damage Products.

The artists who upload design and artwork has a lot of concerns on Redbubble trademark policies and Redbubble company policies on Copyright.

As we know top selling companies known for one main rule is best customer service and satisfaction, but Redbubble was found by some customers bit Slow while understanding issue and respond with satisfactory solution by Customer Service.

Redbubble keeps the lion’s share; you can set profit margins but when you look it to your competition and their lowest price are inevitable compared to your Price.

When you upload you design on Redbubble your competition will copy your art with few changes, but it will look very similar. If your design will be on first page and suddenly that keyword will appear in Redbubble search bar with trending icon and next moment, there will be bombardment of long tail keywords, repetition, and Keyword stuffing accounts holders, and you will be vanished from initial search results pages.


Redbubble is great platform for independent artists if you read all pros and cons you already reached to a decision or decided in your mind, but I will add few things which will help you. Redbubble is print on demand site you are a creative artist, unique and thoughtful but maybe you will not get any sale because these print on demand platform work with demands what people are searching for? It’s not a place that where you must prove yourself or set a benchmark or detailing of artwork. So, create design for trending topic for quick sales results, be constant, I sagest considering Redbubble is worth it, you won’t regret it.

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