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In everyday life we use many products and why not print something that we like or that motivates us? If you are an artist and create art in a digital form, you will love to print these products, and if you are a buyer, you will love to see your favorite art in your home, or living room.

I reviewed on Redbubble semi-gloss poster paper Vs Costco Print as I see them both so come along with me, or you want to know my final thoughts on both so read the conclusion, also one link to Redbubble tools helps to buy and sell products.

Today I want to talk about prints because one of the problems with all digital artists is how you get your prints. How do you transfer your digital image from a screen to a piece of paper? Or a product or anything. I like cheap stuff, or you can say I’m a cheap skate I’ve always been looking for cheap options and the most cost-effective way to do things but recently I thought I’d try the good markets

because, at the end of the day when I’m making a display, I want high-quality prints, I don’t want cheap, sticky prints, and I’ve used Costco as a printing service in the past and they do it very well, but not what you would call gallery quality. I really don’t think so. I have a Red Bubble shop where I sell prints, so I thought of this shop where they sell artist-quality prints I thought I’d buy a few, of them.

These prints are not a cheap option. I bought two different types of prints so I could see one aligned print and one with a very dense color, so I wanted to see the difference, in color, and paper quality.

as well as I want to talk about price. I bought two, I got a discount, and I got the two for £20 each £10 so that’s expensive because if I go to Costco, I can get them at two pounds each or less so they’re not a cheap option but oh gosh

 you must believe that the quality is absolutely amazing and the reason I’m sharing this with everyone is that you can be one Crafter, or if you may not want to sell your prints, but you may want to print your own work in really high quality for yourself then you can set up a Redbubble shop, or you can do anything you want Redbubble has the option to keep your Art, work or Your products are private so only you can see them so you don’t have to have a business from it, you can use them as printing service and I’ve done it when I have very personal tasks that I do I don’t want to sell, but I would like to be printed for family or friends.

The Redbubble prints came in this tube first it’s a nice sturdy tube so that is a plus point and very nice.

They were wrapped in tissue paper to protect the surface so that was a good thing, but I will say once they get into the tube you have to spread them out and just leave them like that for Some time or a day, so it gets straight.

Anyway, let me talk about the first Art Print poster

Redbubble Poster Art Print color rendering is very good, it looks a bit blue to me, but actually, the color rendering on  paper is perfect there are no streaks everything looks beautiful no wrinkles, and excellent it’s actually really  good color combo and the colors are so dense that they are absolutely solid I can see them, you don’t see any areas where it looks a little blotchy or something else, It’s so solid and the prints are matte, they’re on matte paper,

I like it. And since it’s a mat, you can sign your name below. It has a whiteboard around it that you can Sign your name below which is great if you are adding limited additions to a price, you could number the price and you can do it in pencil it would look great. How To Make Stickers On Redbubble

Let’s talk about a Costco print and its glossy, that’s the first thing I don’t like about it. The color rendering is very, very good, but I don’t like the fact that you can’t sign with a pencil or a normal pen.

It almost looks like a shiny photo, The only way to sign this is with a gel pen and I’ve tried that, and it wasn’t very successful so for a low-budget or low-end market thing, for high-end you will like Redbubble print art.

I had another Art Print of linework art it’s a very good print, it looks like a real drawing, and it looks, finished, it doesn’t look like a print, the quality is absolutely excellent, and the color saturation is printed amazingly.


Redbubble is good in quality for printing poster paper compared to Costco but expensive in pricing if you want to collect art gallery-level art so Redbubble is for you or if you just want to collect art for your archive at a cheap price Costco is the best option.

Redbubble is in print on Demond business and to attract artists they didn’t charge anyone for creating a shop on Redbubble so a lot of seasonal artists jump in and upload trending art and through mobile or computer screens you can’t jug pictures or art resolution and the comment section is design such way they speak about the material so just buy from the legitimate artist so you will not face shocking and unpleasant surprises, As far what I check before buy from any Redbubble shop,

  1. AGE in some cases shop age couldn’t be my measuring factor to buy but it’s important.
  2. Favorites and followers will also help you to build the truest on artist and shop.
  3. Social media accounts followers from there you can see people’s feedback about artwork.
  4. Finally, and most important thing to check that artist who have given featured artist tag form Redbubble in Achievements section or not.

For all abovementioned criteria I use Redbubble profile checker tool which help me to generate all information at once to check that tool Click here.

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