How Long Does Redbubble Take To & From Ship?

How Long Does Redbubble Take To & From Ship?

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Redbubble is a community arts business that allows designers from around the world to upload their work onto the Redbubble website. These products include artwork as well as fabric, phone cases, mugs and much more. This blog post will cover the intricacies of shipping, tracking, canceling and refunding orders made through Redbubble.

Each order has been placed on Redbubble by an independent artist Redbubble use a 3rd-party printer to produce and ship their products, who produces, and ships orders based on demand. Your order could be coming from multiple printers, so it could arrive to you in separate packages. This will happen when you have an order with mixed types of products.

Exceptions include some specific products printers are only from United States due to nature of printing requirements and specialized printing standards. Usually, Redbubble Third-party printers will be situated according to your given address and location, or Redbubble use to print independent artists work and shipped by below mention countries:


United Kingdom


Czech Republic





United States of America


How to ship, track, cancel or refund purchases from Redbubble

The different reasons you may need to ship your order to a different address an independent artist can go to the Redbubble marketplace and post their artwork When you make an order on the Redbubble website, every item is delivered to the local independent printer. nearest to your location We do not deliver products to the following countries:




North Korea



Redbubble partners with rightsholders to release fan art-related content, but sometimes these rightsholders set restrictions on certain countries.

Why can’t some items be shipped internationally?

Redbubble, who partners with the rightsholders of properties like Rick and Morty, can’t sell certain designs in certain countries.

To create an order, it’s necessary to choose designs that don’t have restrictions. If you have any difficulties finding something, we apologize. However, we’re sure that you’ll find something just as good on the Redbubble marketplace. Keep trying!

Shipping Costs at Redbubble

Third-party printers will decide the shipping costs for your independent artist orders. These prices depend on a few factors, such as where the order is being printed and how many items are being ordered. Standard and Express shipping costs Where it the order will be shipped to and from How Redbubble Ship Packages in Different Ways Addressing multiple items from one order can be costly because the items may need to be shipped across different facilities.

How to get a shipping estimate before placing an order for your Redbubble purchase Add your desired product to your Redbubble shopping cart. Shipping will cost different amounts based on your location and shipping option and methods.

Redbubble Shipping to APO, FPO & DPO Addresses

When mailing to APO, FPO, and DPO addresses, there are certain additional concerns and restrictions affecting the shipping of products.

Except for the following goods, most things can be shipped to APO, FPO, and DPO addresses: Types of Shipping APO (Army Post Office) FPO (Fleet Post Office) DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) Standard Shipping All products (except Canvas Print, Framed Prints, Metal Prints) Express Shipping Not available Please keep this thing in your mind, that Normal Shipping Supplies may take more than 45 business days, due to sensitivity of these services for these addresses, so I suggest if you use civilian address, you will get your order faster compare to Army shipping address.

Why isn’t mine tracking reference number correct or live?

When you place an order with tracking, you will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as the label is printed by the third-party printer and the information is shared with the delivery carrier. In most situations, your purchase is picked up and the tracking becomes active within a day, however carrier limits may create delays in shipments beginning to ship, so the tracking may be delayed. But don’t worry, your order is on its way and will be with you shortly! You get a tracking number once your shipping label has been created and shared with the shipping carrier. Keep in mind that your order might experience a delay if the carrier is limited.

Do Redbubble have a fast-shipping method?

For the timeliest deliveries, we recommend using our express shipping option. If you’re pressed for time, Express shipping is recommended as it allows your order to arrive quickly.

How to track a Redbubble order

It can often be difficult to track your package. Tracking your order is not all the time available because of our usage of a world-wide system of shipment services (UPS- United Parcel Service, FedEx- earlier Federal Express, DHL- Dalsey Hillblom and Lynn) as well as regional delivery services (USPS). We include tracking details with every order that is shipped.

Would you like to know how your order is progressing? By clicking the button below, you will be able to view some useful order information such as: Date of Expected Delivery Information on tracking (if applicable) What products are being manufactured or have already been shipped?

How to cancel or change an order on Redbubble

Redbubble Shipping, Tracking, Canceling, and Refunds Information on Redbubble orders that have already shipped to change, or cancel an order click the below-given link to contact us. This is what the process will involve: We’ll inform the third-party printer and request that they cancel your current purchase.

What to do if the original order didn’t arrive or the product was damaged How to deal with orders that can’t be canceled, we will try to handle partial product order cancelation appeals, but in some cases, 3rd-party printers cannot cancel an order. In that situation, the whole order will cancel. If you’ve bought a product, but don’t want it anymore, you can ask for a return within 90 days from its estimated delivery date. The exception is masks; you need to do so within 14 days. There are exchanges available on most orders in the form of a replacement order or Redbubble voucher.

We have a guide that will help you figure out how to exchange your thing that isn’t quite your thing yet!

Can I return my order or get a refund?

We want you to love the products you buy from independent artists. If you are unhappy with a purchase, we can provide a store credit or a replacement. What to do when you are unsatisfied with your order You don’t need to fill out a return label to exchange your item, just provide your email address, order number, and size/style of the new items you would like. Once we receive the order, we will send you a confirmation email with your order details.

How to exchange gifts from Redbubble

For gifting, all you need is the order number and the gifter’s email address. We need more information from you to start your return or exchange. If there’s something wrong with your order delivered by a 3rd-party, provide photos to give more details. To learn about Redbubble’s Damaged Goods policy, please see their user agreement. Our Return and Exchange Policy Explained Learn how to replace or terminate an order shipped from Redbubble If you want to change your order after your order has been ship, please apply for a replacement, and we can handle the rest.

If you are not interested & don’t want the items in your order or something is wrong with them, please request a Return.

Learn how Redbubble works

 The Redbubble marketplace is unique because it is tailored to the customer. The manufacturer diagnoses the need and tailored a print just for the customer. What are the stages of our process? Read more to learn about them. How did you find an unusual design on Redbubble? Each product has an estimated time to ship. When you make purchases, we will ask you for your shipping address. Why does Redbubble have 3rd-party printers that produce orders? There are third-party printers who will comply your orders.

They can be sourced from all over the globe, depending on what type of product you order and where you are shipping to. This means that your order may come in various packages and be delivered on different dates. It’s normal to have varying production times depending on what product you are buying and what time of the year it is. For example, during rush season. With a curated 3rd party printer, you can get items made without any inventory in the warehouse. The delivery date mentioned in your order is the best estimation of when you will receive your order. Production time can be longer during peak seasons, but it should not affect the accuracy of the estimate.

You will receive an order that is shipped quickly to you, wherever you are. Shipping confirmation is sent once an order has been completed. Transit times vary depending on the order itself and the available shipping speed method. You can check where your order is at and what state it’s in with our status page. You get something you want and an independent artist that needs your money gets the help. Winner, winner chicken dinner. You can send back or replace items that you are unhappy with or change the fit or style.

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