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Redbubble is home to over 400,000 members and over 3 million images. You might think it’s impossible to stand out in a place like that, but with the right tags, you can rise above the noise.

Whether you’re just starting out on Redbubble, or you’ve had your account for a while and are ready to take your presence there to the next level.

Redbubble is an online community for people who love to express themselves creatively. You can upload your own designs and share them with others or browse through the designs of thousands of other users. Each user has their own unique profile page, known as a “trove”, where you can see all their latest uploads, keep track of your favorite designs and follow other users to see when they upload something new.

Redbubble also offers special groups called “chapters”, where members can collaborate on a theme. There are currently active chapters for artists from Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world. Redbubble is home to many different subcultures and niche communities with their own sets of interests. There are also certain words that appear much more frequently than others when browsing through all the different troves of different users.

Here are 10 tags that you will almost always find on Redbubble:

A tip before we dive in: Ask yourself, “What do people want to see?” When you’re deciding on your tags, keep that question in mind. What do consumers want to see and own? Canvas prints are extremely popular right now. As a result, Redbubble users have decided they also like seeing art that has the word “original” in the description. Don’t just slap any old tag on your work though! If you don’t include the word “original” with your work, then it has less of a chance of being seen–even if it is absolutely beautiful. The takeaway? Be intentional with your tagging.

When you’re creating a new design, it can be tricky to know which tags and keywords will give your design the best chance of being discovered by potential followers. After all, with more than half a million images uploaded on Redbubble every month, there are literally millions of designs to compete with. So how can you make sure yours is one of the ones discovered?

When researching popular tags on Redbubble before starting this blog post, we found that there are some tags that appear almost universally in the most-followed feeds. If you want to increase your chances of being discovered on Redbubble, these are the tags and keywords you should include wherever possible. These are some of the most commonly used tags on Redbubble so if you want your images to stand out among millions of others upload a photo with one or more of these words in the title and/or tag section


Artist Background – Artist Statement – Comic Art – Digital Painting – Mixed Media Artwork – Oil Pastel Artwork – Original Artwork – Pen and Ink Artwork – Sketching and Drawing – Sticker Artwork and Typography Prints. How Long Does Redbubble Take To & From Ship?


How long have you been creating? What mediums do you work in? What themes do you explore? All of these questions and more can be answered in your Artist Background. This is your chance to start off on the right foot with potential customers by giving them insight into what makes you unique in the first place.


Every artist has a philosophy behind their work. What’s yours? A great way to grab the attention of potential buyers is to include an Artist Statement that conveys the message behind your creations.


If you’re an artist who specializes in sequential art, then this is a great tag to use. The name of this tag says it all–don’t feel like you have to create a graphic novel to qualify. Short comics and webcomics are fair game as well.


Similar to the oil pastel tag, this one is perfect for artists who create with a graphics tablet. This tag is also useful for artists who might retouch photos or even create portraits from scratch.


A great tag for all types of artists who blend different materials together to create their art. If you create pieces that are a combination of several materials, this is a great tag to use.


This is another great tag for artists who specialize in the use of oil pastels. This tag is also useful for artists who might retouch photos or even create portraits from scratch.


This is a great tag to use if you’re selling a piece that you created from scratch. This tag is also useful for artists who might retouch photos or even create portraits from scratch.


An excellent tag for artists who create with a dip pen. This tag is also useful for artists who might retouch photos or even create portraits from scratch.


This tag is for artists who do either or both. It’s also useful for artists who might retouch photos or even create portraits from scratch.


If you create images that would make great sticker art or you create typography prints, then those are great tags to start your work off with.


Redbubble is an online community where users can share their designs and sell unique products. It’s ideal for artists looking to monetize their passion,

Naturally, you’ll want your designs to stand out and catch the attention of potential buyers. To do this, you must create an eye-catching slogan that will help people remember your design. That is exactly what the Redbubble tag generation tool can assist you with! You don’t need to spend hours trying to come up with anything witty. Simply use our Redbubble tag generator instead! It’s quite simple and quick. You may create a unique keyword that properly describes your design in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is add your keyword which defines your design,

The Redbubble tag generator tool is one such technology that accelerates the product production process by removing extraneous duties such as keyword research.

The Redbubble tag generator tool can be accessed without login id or any user detail it’s totally free which allows users to create free tags for all of their designs. This post will define tags, explain how the Redbubble tag generator tool works,

The Redbubble tag generator tool is designed to collect tags from the Redbubble relevant result sources page. Enter your keyword in the free tag generator tool and click the “Generate Tag” button! That’s all! Your tags will appear on the screen quickly.


These are just 10 tags that are always on Redbubble. There are many others out there as well. If you’re looking to sell more of your art, you should always be thinking of ways to improve your presence on the site. With the right tags, you can help shoppers find your work more easily and you can also help them know what they’re getting before they even click on your image.

If you keep these tips in mind while you’re creating your tags, you’ll be well on your way to increasing the visibility of your work.

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